These 7 Basic techniques for Guitar Chords should know every beginners

In this episode, the beginners get knowledge about the most basic 7 guitar chords. As the first guitar lesson, these starting guitar chords are very effective for the beginner guitarists. They appear like the open position of chords. Because they involve in the earlier some frets of the guitar, containing minimum one string of the guitar. As the beginners are in search of some easy chords of a guitar, these are appropriate for them. 
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Primary Guitar Chord EM:

EM is also referred to as E minor chord. In the first phase of guitar learning, E minor chord plays an essential role. Two fingers can play it easily. It can create a dark, profound mood wonderfully. It has has a basic role in guitar playing. Not for its flexibility, as for strumming with different songs, it plays a primary role. After “E”, the small “m” indicates minor. Minor adds sound flavor.

How To Play Em Chord On Guitar

Touch the fifth string of the second fret with your second finger. Then touch the fourth string of the second fret with your third finger. Strum six strings easily.

Primary Guitar Chord C

C is the major chord of the guitar. It is a second class starter beginner chord.  For playing C chord on guitar the learners have to stretch their third finger. And also they have to place their third finger right behind the third fret. During playing this chord, you have to keep in mind that you should place your fingers in an arch shape. So, use carefully every tip of the finger so that, any alongside string can’t mute. Because it creates a dead sound.

Rules Of Practicing Guitar Chords

There are 2 important things which are needed to follow for playing basic guitar chords.

1. Play the chord notes individually and also ensure that all the notes are resonating.

2. Maintaining a steady beat, practice switching between different chords. Try not to make any pause during chord playing. Fix any kind of errors during strumming.

Learn the the Basic Chord Progressions: 

With some fundamental chord progressions, the best way to practice these beginner guitar chords at first is. A chord progression is merely a prevalent chord mixture.

Do the following with all the fundamental progressions of the guitar chord in this guitar lesson.

  • Only beat 1 strum of each measure. This will give you plenty of time to reach the next chord.
  • Next, just attempt to strumming on beats 1 and 3.
  • Finally strum on all 4 beats.
Try using a metronome to practice these to assist you stay a constant moment. Your phone has a lot of free metronome applications accessible.

Publish Date: 27 Jul, 2019


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