Some reason you need to know - Why the acoustic guitar is better than the electric guitar

If I asked quite a bit, “Why I am chosen an acoustic guitar? Why not the electric guitar?” This Blog aims to discuss the many reasons why I believe the acoustic guitar is better than the electric guitar.

Point number 1: The sounds of acoustic guitar better than Electric Guitar

The acoustic guitar has a classical sound that is more calming, more responsive and more reliable than the electric guitar. With the acoustic guitar, you get a complete variety of dynamics. You can generate some great sounds straight away by strumming the acoustic guitar. Open chords sound Amazing on acoustic than on electric guitars.

When you play the acoustic guitar, you will feel the most significant resonance. The acoustic guitar sounds deeper and lower. The perfect way to build it implies a better vibration. You can get some fantastic resonance from the electric guitar, but that generally means shifting the knob or flipping over it.

Because the acoustic guitar is much organic, it made buy two sustain first is wood and second is steel, no electronics, you get a real sound. It's good to feel the satisfaction that it's just you and the guitar that are creating those sounds and Draw your creativity.

You don't need accompaniment to an acoustic guitar. Often the most lovely songs are very simple. The acoustic guitar for both rhythm and the voice for the melody are all you need. It's harder to do this with an electric guitar.

Point number 2: The acoustic guitar is more readily available

You just need a pick to perform when it comes to acoustic guitar. And that's not even the case if you play fingerstyle. You don’t need extra chords, amplifier, batteries and effects pedals, etc.

You need to pick up and start playing when it comes to acoustic guitar. And that's not even the case if you play fingerstyle. The acoustic guitar is less distracted. You can focus on playing, and don't worry about plugging in the correct tone. Or to lose yourself in that new pedal with Many no of settings.

Point number 3: In Acoustic Guitar Rhythm is king

The acoustic guitar is ideal for playing rhythms. I inform my members of the Guitar Lesson Lounge membership that the most significant thing when it comes to playing guitar is learning how to play rhythm or how to play guitar at right time with the right rhythm.

80% of the guitar playing is rhythm. And of course, acoustic guitar is more percussive than the Electric guitar.

Never get me wrong, there's a room for scales and styles and vocals. when it comes to playing the guitar, continue with acoustics. Nail your rhythm, get very nice at it, and worry about those joyful electric guitar solos later.

Point number 4: The Hand Strength of Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar action is likely going to be just a little greater than the Electric Guitar, and the acoustic strings are going to be the thinker. This scares a few of the beginners away. But if you learn to play open acoustic chords and bar chords, you're going to build up the power of your hand.

Hand strength is essential whenever you playing string instrument of any kind. And once you've had the power and hold on to it, playing any guitar will be simpler. Which takes me to the last point .

Point number 5: Acoustic guitar abilities translate well into electrical

What you know from the acoustic guitar in aspects of strumming, pick-up, chords, composition, rhythm, speed, and scales will fit very well into the electric guitar if you ever manage to pick it up.

The hand strength you obtain from playing the acoustic guitar will also be visible if you ever take the electric guitar. The skills learned on the electric guitar don't translate as well when you switch from electric to acoustic.

For all these purposes, I support playing the acoustic guitar. The acoustic guitar is nicer than the electrical guitar. Particularly for beginners. You can cover so many styles and kinds of music with an acoustic guitar without any need for embellishment.

I enjoy to play electric guitar, too. But I'm always going back to the acoustic guitar. It's probably always going toJust start it out. Get yourself the quality of the acoustic guitar. Learn to play it and see how good it is to make you feel. See if you also chose the acoustic guitar over most of the electric guitar!

Publish Date: 08 Sep, 2019


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