Easy beginner guitar songs to get started

Learning how to play Guitar sure is considered as fun and at first, might seem like a very cool idea. But it takes a lot of practice and perseverance just like learning any other musical instrument. Unfortunately for some of us, procrastinating becomes a habit, and we lose interest in playing this beautiful instrument altogether. For others, it’s about priorities and not getting enough time to practice Guitar. But no matter how busy one becomes, playing Guitar can be made a part of the daily routine just by making some effort. For example, scheduling some time daily to play for a few minutes a day can make a lot of difference in your skills. And the easiest way is to find beginner guitar songs.

Tips start playing beginner-friendly songs

  • The first thing that any beginner should do before starting to play Guitar is don't expect to do it for hours on the first day. Give yourself achievable goals. Even if you practice for short periods, the key is to be consistent. Start playing for a few minutes and test your capabilities.
  • Always start with a warm, up until session. Start strumming the Guitar and warming up before beginning to play along with a song.

    The best thing about playing along is that you are allowed to make mistakes. You can easily rewind the song and see where you need improvement and break down the rhythm according to your convenience.

  • Make sure that as you follow along with the songs, you practice changing chords accordingly. There are many websites and YouTube channels that have transcribed the chords officially to learn the melodies more easily.
  • Some of the beginner guitar songs are played along with a capo. A capo is commonly used by professionals and beginners alike to change and raise the key and pitch of the song. This can be done by using the same open chord fingerings. A capo also makes it easier to play different sets of chords for any particular song so that the song will become easier. It becomes easier to play while remaining in the original key of the song.
  • Professional songwriters and singers use a capo regularly so that they can sing along a particular key and still use the possibilities and beautiful sounds of open chord fingerings.
  • Always start with an easy song and then slowly begin to play along. Then eventually, as you have mastered the intricacies of that song, you can move on to playing more complicated songs.

Top five beginner-friendly songs to practice

Although you can practice along any of your favorite songs if you want to these are some of the most popular beginner-friendly songs out there to play along-

  • Knocking’ on heaven’s door- Bob Dylan
  • Love me do- The Beatles
  • three little birds- Bob Marley
  • Zombie- The cranberries
  • Chasing Cars- Snow Patrol

These beginner guitar songs are straightforward to play along, and for a breakdown on more such simple song, we can offer you a comprehensive guide on our website. Check out our online guitar courses for more information.


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Get to know easy beginner guitar songs which you can start playing instantly with a very minimum practice sessions under an expert.

Publish Date: 18 Sep, 2019


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