How to Play Guitar Chords - Beginners Guide

Guitar playing was once considered a very tough affair, however over time now this art form can be mastered within a couple of days. This is all thanks to the numerous guitar online learning classes which can be found in the market. However, the most challenging part is to understand and play with the guitar chords. This is also a topic that is intimidating for both beginners as well as professionals. So, in this article, we will be discussing various essential points which can help one to learn how to play guitar chords easily. Let’s start this journey, then.

Tips and Tricks on how to play Guitar Chords

1. Understanding Guitar Chords- If you are trying to teach yourself to play guitar, then the most basic step one needs to follow is to understand the working of these chords. Each chord has its functioning and is categorized according to the sounds they make. Generally, a guitar consists of 6 vertically positioned strings, which are numbered according to the highest pitch to lowest pitch, respectively. However, one must mark that when played, the number changes horizontally according to the fret positions. Hence, one must decide earlier if they want to play the guitar vertically or horizontally and simultaneously follow the chord positions.

2. Practicing Hand Techniques- No matter what position one chooses to play the guitar, practicing hand techniques can prove to be the best method. Many guitar trainers also advise their clients to number their fingers according to the strings for a better grasp. This also helps in preventing any confusion while playing songs that consist of transitioning from one chord to another. Furthermore, it also helps one to avoid any hand injuries like cuts, abrasions, or scratches.

3. Learning from the Easiest Chords- While trying to teach yourself to play guitar, the easiest chord one can start with is the ‘C Chord.’ Often used in almost all beginner guitar songs, the C chord has the most usage amongst other chords. One can also choose to start either with the C Major chord or the C Minor chord. As it has a sound which consists of 3 or more notes, it is often soothing to hear, and beginners can also curate their songs with the C Chord. After getting a good grasp on the chord functionality, the individual can try out experimenting with other chords and woo their audience.

4. Guitar Handling Techniques- Many beginners often make mistakes while handling their guitar, which may create an undesired result. Hence, various guitar learning classes initially prepare the individual by training them basics on how to hold, tune, and take care of the guitar. These steps are also essential as they play a significant role in making your journey more streamlined.

5. Choosing the Perfect Guitar- If you want to know how to learn guitar fast, then you should carefully invest in your guitar. There are numerous kinds of guitar varieties in the market, and being able to choose the best guitar for beginner guitar songs may prove to be a hectic task.

If you are looking for tips on how to play guitar chords, then investing in an online guitar learning class or course can prove to be more beneficial. These classes often claim to provide you with the required knowledge within a comparatively shorter amount of time. Moreover, as they can be accessed from anywhere at any time, they can be adjusted into the routine of any person. One can also choose from the numerous packages available while making sure that the budget doesn’t pass their restricted spending limit. So, sign up today for any guitar learning class or course and get tips on how to learn guitar fast.

Publish Date: 13 Nov, 2019


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