How to play guitar for beginners- Changing Strings

The question of how often or whether the guitar strings need to be changed or not altogether is debatable. Some guitarists insist that heavy strings need to be used, and some insist that light strings need to be played with. If someone wants to know how to play guitar for beginners, this is also important. There are some who swear by the use of some expensive brand of strings. Certain claims state that particular material or string is ideal for the guitar. But the fact remains that if the guitar is played too often, then there are high chances that the strings are going to get worn off or broken. So, eventually, they need to be changed.

When it's time to change the strings?

The older the strings, the fewer rich sounds it will produce. They will not hold their tuning well and also threaten to cut the fingers of the player. They are also highly prone to breakage. The difference in the liveliness of the guitar can instantly be felt after the new set of strings are put on. The answer to the perennial question of how often should the string be changed is- depends on the quality of the strings and the player. Depending upon the quality of the guitar string, there can be noticeable degradation within a week or two of playing it. The willingness to change the strings often depends on the players and their budget. How often they can change and if there is a necessity or preference involved to change the strings. There are a few pointers to look for in order to know when to change the strings.

Sound is noticeably not so clear anymore. The strings are practically dead, so the sound would be dying also. It would be very dull and lifeless. Even sad songs would get ruined by the sad tunes of your guitar. They won't be producing loud and longer sounds. There won't be any rich harmonic response, either. In general, the music produced won't be as good as the musician would want to produce. People want to know how to play guitar for beginners but sometimes miss these pointers

Old strings won't have that springy touch to them anymore. When they are picked, they won't bounce back as fast as the newer strings would have done. They will be quite arduous to play with as they would feel rubbery and slumpy to touch.

Even if the guitar is set up properly, it won't stay in tune for longer. If the guitar is well set up, then the action will be reasonable. The truss rod will be relieved only the amount which is required. The intonation of the instrument will also be dialed in. But when the strings are old, then all this won't hold. The tuning will be continuously ruined across the fretboard. This is a telltale sign that strings need to be changed.

Severe discoloration can be seen on the strings. The strings will start to turn black and eventually corrode. This corrosion can cause injury to the fingers and in a worst-case scenario, even lead to infection.

Sometimes the strings are coated like the Elixir strings. After a while, these coatings can begin to degrade. This results in shedding of flakes. These flakes will not only ruin the look of the guitar but also hamper the music that has to be created on it.

Tips for Extending the Life of Guitar Strings

There are a few things that can be done to extend the period between string-changes.

Always wash your hands before playing the guitar. The old from the fingers can deposit on the strings and corrode them much faster. Try to play with clean hands.

Always wipe down the strings before and after playing the guitar. It is ideal for wiping the string with a string treatment that is specifically designed to keep the strings sounding new and prevent corrosion.

Always try to invest in better quality guitar strings. They will last longer. It's of no use to buy cheaper quality strings and needing to change them often.

No matter the brand or quality, everyone guitar enthusiasts have to agree that strings need to be changed. For some like professional musicians, the strings are changed almost daily, while for some amateurs, it can take up to a few months. Guitar strings need to change because if they are old, then the instrument is not in perfect working condition. Learn how to play guitar for kids, but don't neglect taking care of the instrument itself.

Publish Date: 19 Oct, 2019


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