How can I Learn Guitar Online ?

I started playing the guitar when I was 15. So I've been playing for four years now. I taught myself almost everything i know from the internet, so i think I am qualified to answer

A lot of people have the opinion that you absolutely need someone to teach you. Well, that depends on what you want to do. If you plan on studying it classically with sheet music and everything and write exams, then yes you do need one. I started playing mainly to accompany myself when i sing. Since then, I’ve expanded into playing fingerstyle music and a little bit of lead. For that, no, you don’t need a teacher. You can find plenty of materials online, and it shouldn’t be too difficult given that you are willing to work hard.

Listen. This is very important. Don’t blindly try to play memorizing frets and finger positions. Listen and see how the notes differ. After a while( if you don’t have a good ear already!), you will be able to point out the mistakes you make instantly. Once you can do that, you are on the highway!

This is how i went about it.

This is how i went about it.

  1. earn one scale. Anyone. I don’t think it matters which, but absolutely get it down. Keep practicing until it becomes muscle memory. There are plenty of videos online. Then slowly move onto more. Don’t try to learn too many at once, you won’t remember!
  2. My primary aim was to be able to play along when i sing. So what i did was i learnt the chords of payphone by maroon 5 and tried to strum along with the song. Initially, I couldn’t even get to the chord shapes in time. After a really long time, i was finally able to get to the point of strumming the right chords once in time with the song. And after an even longer period, I was able to play Barre Chord along, perfect strumming and everything! It helps if you love the song.
  3. Don’t fret over the minor details like how to hold a pick or how exactly to pluck(angling up or down?). These are subjective. Do what feels comfortable. But make sure that it isn’t hindering you. If it feels good and sounds good, go for it!
  4. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. A lot of beginners are too scared of experimenting. Just play something. Improvise with the scales you learned. Sure, it might sound like a cat dying, but by all means, have fun! I probably drove my parents made during the first few months.
  5. Avoid those videos with titles like “Secret techniques” or “Shortcuts”. They usually just have the same things as regular videos. Just click baits.
  6. Don’t invest in an expensive guitar at first. Try buying a cheap second hand one first. That way, you can also learn about maintaining and tuning your guitar with minimum collateral damage. Buy a good one once you get serious.
  7. Relax! I use to get all tensed up when i play, let me tell you, it doesn’t help. Be comfortable.
  8. Get a capo. It is a solid investment if you want to strum along to popular songs.
  9. Above all, practice! Your fingers will hurt like hell at first. It won’t sound anything like the pros. Just keep practicing. Also, don’t keep your guitar in a case. You are more likely to pick it up and play randomly if you keep it out in the open. And you need every bit of practice you can get.

There are plenty of youtube channels that break down concepts you need. There is an abundance of lessons on scales, strumming, arpeggios, chords, etc. So pretty much everything you need! These people are my personal favorites.

  • Guitar Lesson Lounge. Guitar Lesson Lounge on of the best platform for beginners who wants to learn guitar online. This guy has a truckload of patience. She breaks everything down slowly so that even absolute beginners will get it. However, this pace can get a bit irritating after a while XD. This is his official youtube page. 
  • For finger style guitar, i prefer Goliath guitar tutorials. The bloke, Gareth Evans, pretty great. In his site, he breaks down popular songs and also providers tabs. The lesson is quite in-depth. Guitar Lesson Lounge
  • If you want to play the lead, my personal favorite lessons are by guitar. They have a nice guitar lessons series which covers a lot of the basics you need to play a mean solo. Here is the link to the first video lesson of the series.

Learn to play tabs. It’s not really complicated, and it will make learning a lot easier. Also, fingerstyle might look difficult, but it’s not that hard. Also, it looks really impressive! So hey, more attention from girls XD

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you like music, then you can play. You just have to keep practicing. Just remember that the ultimate aim is to have fun playing. Nothing can stop you once you fall in love with your guitar!

Publish Date: 25 Aug, 2019


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