How To Face Muting String Error During Chord Playing

Are you tensed about your guitar career?

Looking for some tricks on how to apply the specific techniques during playing. When you take the important step to teach yourself, you need to remember all the specific facets of guitar particulars. Barre chords are one of those facets on which the beginners need some specific and potential tricks. Let’s take a glimpse on the advance technique of barre chords playing. By which you can be able to overcome the specific difficulties of playing.

 How To Avoid Muting String During Barre Chords Playing?

Always keep in mind that, you have to maintain ⅛ inch distance between your finger and fret. If your finger gets close to the fret, it will lead to unwanted muting. If you keep your finger far away, it will cause a humming sound. So, this is very important to place your finger in particular distance from the fret. But don’t get nervous. Just keep your focus on finger placing rightly and try to maintain consistency.  After a time fingers will find their flexible positions. If you can use some particular technique for playing melody lines, you will cross a step of being an expert. Just mind it that your fingers should not be too close and in the too far distance from the fret.

Concerning the techniques of barre chords playing, you should be careful about the positioning of fretting hand and guitar. If you want to play barre chords spontaneously, then don’t delay to use your index finger rightly. I will suggest you hold the neck of the guitar from out front. You will have to learn to pull your elbow with a bend and roll your hand across the head-stock. If you use this technique you will be able to press fretboard definitely with your first finger. You can also press with thumb keeping it right of your first finger.

Do you face any problem to play all the strings rightly?  Then you can use your left thumb to press in the center of the rear of the fretboard. If you follow this technique you will get a good grip of a better angle. And it will help you to lift your wrist and also to press with the finger in the right manner.

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What Is The Solution To Avoid Muting Other Strings On Guitar  With Fat Shaped Fingers?

 Sometimes, so many learners get tired to play chords with right finger positioning even after giving efforts. And now I will explain the cause of why they are unable to strum guitar without muting other strings. Well, the culprit of muting other string error is the fatty shape of the guitarist. Yes, you will be surprised to know that this reason makes most of the learners frustrated. As they fail to avoid the muting error after a long-time practice. So, are you thinking that these people are not for guitar only for their shape of fatty fingers? Not. There are so many options to make these people familiar with the guitar. They can select their guitar from a good store with a suitable size. They can also set their guitar from the factory in a professional way. So, they can fit their fingers on the chords on guitar perfectly.

The different guitar has different nut width and different cut depth. It is up to you how you can set your guitar from the factory to make it suitable for you.

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Publish Date: 07 Aug, 2019


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