Do you think Online Guitar Learning is helpful

In order to learn to play the guitar and reach the pro level in one year, you would need to practice for hours and hours daily…
I doubt many people would be able to reach pro level in this time, but you’ll be able to play to an intermediate level, most certainly.

Overall, it takes dedication, patience, and lots of practice.
If you’re looking to advance quickly, I advise that you follow a systematic approach, whether that be through 1 to 1 guitar lessons, taught in person… Or in an online guitar learning program.

 have tested quite a few online guitar learning platforms for guitar, and for me, the only one platform which is worth your time is Guitar lesson Lounge.
I’ve listed the reasons for this below:

They provide a 14 Day Free Trial of the service, so use it and see what it’s like for yourself!
Guitar Lesson Lounge has more than 2.8 million customers who are learning to play guitar on the platform, making it the biggest internet platform.
Guitar Lesson Lounge has beginner classes, intermediate courses and advanced courses, so you will always have the chance to make strides in your playing. Besides this, in addition to playing, it has helpful tutorials on significant elements, such as guitar maintenance, which can often be ignored.
Guitar Lesson Lounge has more than 11,000 classes and a vast array of songs that learners can learn. Everything from Blink 182, Pearl Jam, Clapton to Poison (even those classic songs that every aspiring guitar player wants to play).

Guitar Lesson Lounge has an established step-by-step teaching scheme that not only makes learning guitar extremely simple, but also pleasant.
These educators have a more methodical attitude to teaching guitar because of the prestige of Guitar Lesson Lounge, they have some of the finest internet professors of any internet guitar learning platform, so you will be able to learn quicker because of this.

Record Yourself:

There's no better way to see your guitar playing objectively and motivate yourself to work as a better player than recording yourself. There are numerous accessible media available to record yourself, and when you record, you can listen to yourself with new ears and hear the stuff you like and dislike about your playing. Identifying your strengths and weaknesses and focusing your practice accordingly will be infinitely easier for you.

Record yourself playing rhythm and then record other complimentary components such as leads, melodies, counterpoints and complimentary alternative rhythms and you'll learn about the performance of composition, manufacturing and ensemble. When you start focusing on these complimentary components, you will discover your vision and scope expanding, as do your objectives, and as you work to produce full songs, your skills develop exponentially as you work to write and perform to the best of your capacity.

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