Tricks Of How To Play Acoustic Guitar - For Beginners

Have a passion for guitar? As a beginner, you can pick an acoustic guitar. This does not require an additional amplification system. You can save you expense buying an acoustic guitar. So, these logistic approaches of guitar playing can push you to pick an acoustic guitar in a moment.

You, Will, Get Overall Guidance On How To Play Acoustic Guitar In This Chapter:

The following points guide you entirely to start your practice with an acoustic guitar:

  • Comfortable Posture - You should adopt such kind of posture, through which you can hold your guitar for a long time during practice.
  • Knowledge About Primary Chords -  You have to choose some basic chords on the guitar to create pleasant sound.
  • Concept About Guitar Anatomy - You should know some significant structure of guitar.
  • Realizing Actual Tone- You have to realize the difference between a musical tone and a dead sound. So, that you can revamp your technique to make a pleasant sound.
  • Interconnection Of Notes And Chords - You should be aware about the right execution of notes into melodious sound. So, you can strum perfectly with your favorite  song.

Hopefully, these points become useful guidance for you. After going through this lesson you will understand properly how to play acoustic guitar.


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You can easily adapt the technique of how to play acoustic guitar following the fundamental rules. But the selection of posture matters a lot to get success promptly.

For a guitarist, posture is not a matter of good looking. It has a strong relationship with the adoption ability of the right technique. A successful guitarist always emphasizes on his right posture. The misconceptions about posture always hinder you to get success what you want in acoustic guitar playing.

Here Are Some Tips On Right Postures During Guitar Practicing

1.Avoid Slumping down Into A Lower Height Of Sofa:

As the hollow patterned acoustic guitar is a bit heavy for picking up, this posture restricts you to be flexible. You will not be able to grip the guitar properly.

  2. Avoid Sitting In A Chair Stretching Arms:

This posture is not suitable at all for guitar practising. It hinders you to move your body. Simultaneously, it provokes you to keep your elbow dependable in your torso. This is the wrong posture for guitar playing. If you are serious with acoustic guitar playing, then keep your left arm free to move.

3. Avoid Sitting On A High Stool

For guitar practising always select a low stool. If you climb on a high stool, it makes you sit with the wrong posture. As on a high stool, the slope of your thighs becomes downwards. So, the guitar can sleep down from your lap. Otherside, on a low stool, the slope of your thighs will get support from land easily. So, in that position, your guitar will be safe.

4. Best Angle Of Sitting Of Guitar Practice 

  • You can sit on anything during guitar practising. But make sure that the position of your knees is in a 90-degree angle towards you.
  • Your right and left arms will be always free from any obstructions.

These two tricks of posture push you to get success in acoustic guitar playing within less time.


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If You Want To Know How To Play Acoustic Guitar, You Should Know Guitar Anatomy


During practising with an acoustic guitar you should have particular knowledge about some specific part of it.


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