3 secrets to Easy Barre Chords

Learning to play barre chords may seem to be intimidating to both professionals as well as beginners. Being one of the most thrifty techniques of playing guitar, barre chords may give extreme tension to many. These chords can, however, let one easily play various kinds of musical and beautiful songs using the instrument while transferring from one chord to another without any issues. Hence, in this list, we have hand-listed some of the essential  barre chord tips , that will be sufficient to help one transition from a beginner to a pro-level player. So, let’s check them out now.

Barre Chord Tips for Beginners

1.       The two things which are the base part of learning barre chords is to learn the proper technique and use the right amount of force for different strings. Although practicing may help in getting into shape, discovering the appropriate method is often the best. One can try out lowering their thumb and placing it roughly halfway down the neck, which works 9 out of 10 times. As the thumb has a significant part in deciding the tune of the barre chords, putting them in the right position can help in achieving the desired outcome. Other such techniques include using the index finger, placing the index finger closer to the fret, and more.

2.       Simple movements, like keeping the elbows tucked, can also streamline the guitar learning process. When hands are positioned as chicken wings, it may or may not result in putting optimal pressure on the barre chords, thus resulting in chaos. This position is also useful while transitioning from one music to another while playing a song.

3.       Another trick to master the basics of barre chords is to keep the index finger straight while playing the chords. Keeping the finger straight can help in expertly curating a tune from the G or D strings. Afterward, combining these two strings, you can play any genre of music you want with your guitar.

4.       Some specific barre-chord exercises can also be followed to let your fingers and hands practice the basic movements required during playing barre chords. When these are regularly practiced, it helps in keeping the fingers flexible and smooth that can further avoid any injury of the fingers. These include slapping the strings with the index finger, learning different barre chord shapes and patterns, etc.

5.       The last of the barre chord tips one can perform to master the technique is to heartily understand and memorize each barre chord, their usage, and how to attain to them. One can start from simpler ones like the E Open Chord and then gradually shift to many complex ones, such as the major and minor chords. It is highly advisable to be patient while learning these steps as the process is both long and complicated.

Nowadays, it has become comparatively straightforward to learn the various techniques of playing the guitar. One can master the numerous chord tips quickly by enrolling in any of the online guitar learning classes online. These classes not only provide the person option to learn at any time and from anywhere but also help maximize the results with much lesser effort. It is mostly due to various tips and tricks provided by the professionals in their videos, assisting in the easy grasping of the subject. Many online guitar classes also offer their customers’ option to choose what they want to learn without mandating everything. This helps in cutting down the budget to a very affordable level as compared to the offline classes. So, if you are looking for mastering your guitar skills, then, join in any one of the online classes and learn barre chord tips.

Publish Date: 26 Oct, 2019


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