Can you teach yourself Guitar without attending physical classes?

A Guitar is a wonderful instrument to learn. It comes cheaper and too easy to carry around. Although, there are a thousand reasons to play the guitar, learning how to do it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Learning a guitar entirely depends upon you. How much time you dedicate for practice and how well you follow the rules also plays a significant role in the whole process. Despite all the odds, one thing is clear- you can learn the guitar by yourself with the help of proper guidance.

The process about how you learn to play the guitar has completely evolved since the introduction of online guitar lessons. It’s easy – much cheaper, convenient and no-hassle. You can access thousands of online videos for referrals. However, we suggest you go for an online tutoring session for beginners. These premium online classes are conducted by professionals who specially conducts guitar lessons for beginners. You will have 24X7 access to online videos as well as track your performance with ease.

Stick to the program:

Remember, learning to play the guitar is a methodical approach and it requires time. At times it may get frustrating and self-doubt is also quite common. It happens with most beginners and they often switch their tutors. Jumping around classes is the last thing you should do. Just give yourself some time and stay true to your routine.

At the meantime, here are some essential tips to learn guitar by yourself

Buy your favorite guitar

The feeling behind learning a guitar is as similar as falling in love. Means, you must go after your love interest. While shopping, make sure you buy a guitar that you find beautiful. Call it psychological but when you love something with your heart, you will love to keep it around you all the time. The same goes for a guitar too.

Learn Tablature

Tabs are music notation for guitar and are quite popular than standard musical notes. A simple google search, and you will find tabs to all your favorite songs. Learning them at the beginning helps you in the learning process.

Learn Basic Chords

Aims in perfecting the basic chords and you are all set to play thousands of songs.

Learn Strumming Patterns

While guitar consists of few chords and notes, it’s up to you how you play them. To become a versatile player, you need to learn as much strumming patterns as you can.  

Learn how to Switch Chords

As a beginner, you would find it extremely hard at first but with regular practice, you can do it as well. Start by learning the basic chords and then try to change in between them.


Your fingertips will hurt for the first few days and everything will turn to normal. Initially, you can only play the guitar for ten to fifteen minutes before your fingers start to hurt. Then the skin on your fingertips will start to form calluses, which enables you to play the guitar for a long period.

Don’t pay much stress on music theory

Music theory is crucial, but that comes later. As a beginner, you need to love and enjoy music. If you want, you can start to learn music on day 1.

Although you won’t be able to play much, you will at least get the gist of it. Not all songs are hard to play. You will find thousands of songs online which are well-suited to play by beginners. Remember, you choose the guitar because you love it. When you keep that in mind, then no power will be great enough to stop you from learning.

So the main question was, “Can you teach yourself Guitar?”. The answer is an absolute Yes. Go online- learn tablature- perfect the basic chords and some strumming patterns and you will see yourself blooming before you know it.

Publish Date: 04 Nov, 2019


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