Tips on how to learn to play guitar for beginners

If you have ever really observed the best players in the world irrespective of whether they play heavy rock or classical tunes, they all have one thing in common, and it is- proper technique. This means they are correctly applying all the requirements that are essential for playing the guitar correctly. The best and most proficient way to play guitar is by acquiring a proper technique. This also includes using the fingers and hands at the right time and right place.

Some of these tips that have come from experienced players over the years will help you get a better grasp on how to learn to play guitar for beginners more efficiently.

There is no short cut-

If you are thinking that one fine day you are going to pick up the guitar and the next day you are going to play like your favorite guitarist, then you are highly underestimating the craft. People have been playing for years and still have gotten points where they need to improve. If you are someone who is trying to learn guitar fast, then you must give yourself at least a couple of weeks. Proper technique can only be acquired by hitting the right notes and accurate fingering every time. Precise finger technique will help you play better in the long run. If you don't have the proper technique, you will not be able to play fast.

Trying the best fingering technique-

Guitar experts agree that the best way to master guitar is to figure out which fingers should be playing certain chords, scales, and notes on the fretboard. The correct hand position on the freeboard and fingering of the chord must be mastered. Sometimes improvising may or may not give the best results. This is where a teacher or many online teaching platforms will come in handy. They will provide the learner the basics of holding the guitar properly. 

Rehearsing silently-

Even if you are busy elsewhere, you can practice the guitar just fine. Just hold your guitar and regularly swap from one chord to another or play the scales without using the right hand to pluck the scales. This will help you to train the left hand to play. It's quite a robust practice in itself. Habits make you imbibe proper technique automatically.  It will eventually become a part of your subconscious mind if you keep practicing like this.

Don’t dread the difficult chords-

If you want to learn to play guitars for beginners, then you must learn about the chords. They are an absolute essential if you are serious about learning guitar and especially pursuing a career in it. Some people use capos and all sorts of transpositions to avoid learning to play the chords. But it's these problematic parts that you should be spending your most time in. Because otherwise, they will automatically form a mental barrier that could limit you from learning so many things.

Get a disciplined practice session-

If you want to make progress fast and noticeable and are enthusiastic about learning new things regularly, then disciplined practice is a must. Even if it’s just for ten minutes per day, you should never miss out on your practice sessions. Because once you develop a habit of postponing and procrastinating, it will remind you forever. And the next thing you know, your guitar is covered in dust somewhere in your closest because you haven't touched it in weeks. If it sounds familiar to you, then its time you maintain a regular guitar practice session. For a beginner, it’s easy to give up and bored with the learning process. But it’s this time that will give you a solid foundation for your guitar career.

With so many online guitar classes available and that too at affordable rates learning to play guitar for beginners has never been easier. These classes are great to eliminate any bad habits you have formed and also give you constructive criticisms to improve your skills.

Publish Date: 05 Dec, 2019


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