Top Easy Guitar Lessons For Beginners

Nowadays, the market is full of options and choices when it comes to learning Guitar within the comfort of one’s home. Various Guitar coaching classes and online lessons have popped up out of nowhere in recent decades. These institutions not only help in teaching the basics of playing the instrument, but one can also learn the art of curating beautiful songs. It is generally done with the help of guitar lessons of varying difficulty, which trains both the player’s hands and mind to stay in synchronization. However, when it comes to choosing some of the most straightforward guitar lessons, one may get entangled within the ocean of lessons. Hence, to help you out, we have specially hand-listed some of the easy guitar lessons which can give you a boost from a beginner to a pro player. Let’s check them out now.

Easiest Guitar Lessons for Beginners

  1. Start your journey with Chords- Understanding the methodology behind how chords work can largely boost any new guitarist toward’s success. This is like the first step on one’s pathway to become a professional Guitarist. Moreover, every genre and every song includes the involvement of chords to make them perfect, and hence, mastering them can be very beneficial. One can try out transitioning from Em to G6, Em to Asus2, Am7 to C, Dsus2 to Bm11, Fmaj7 to Dsus9, and others, as exercise lessons.
  2. Then comes Strumming- Strumming or playing the Guitar using fingertips is one of the most crucial yet challenging tasks. As each string and chord produces a different kind of sound when played on different positions, one must carefully understand the technique before curating a song. For playing classic strums, Em and G6 serve as the best options due to their flexible approach. However, if you are looking for making up a rock version of a song, then playing on the bottom area of the thicker strings can help in attaining the desired tune.
  3. Adding Upstrokes- It is one of the most challenging tasks to add an upstroke while playing a song in the downstrokes for both beginners as well as pro guitar players. To ease such situations, many easy guitar lessons advise that one can practice going up and down during strokes in an attempt to train their hands. Similarly, using the thumb for up-strumming may or may not produce the desired result; hence, refraining from it may seem like the best option.
  4. Scale Learning- Learning the Em pentatonic scale may be beneficial to many who want to devise new songs or chords by experimenting on the notes. As this scale requires the use of the first two fingers, it is comparatively easy and manageable. Beginners may also record and play the strums over their phone, where they can jam the scale over their recording to make an entirely different tune. Moreover, alternate mixing can also be added, which involves the natural transition of both up and downstrokes.

Learning Guitar is nowadays not so tricky or time-taking as it used to be some years ago. And this is all thanks to the numerous easy guitar tutorials which can be learned or self-taught from various Youtube videos, or video tutorials over the internet. As they can be watched from anywhere and anytime, they also attract a much larger audience when compared to the offline classes. They also help in reducing the time required for learning the instrument and simultaneously help in increasing efforts within a short period. So, if you or any near and dear one is interested in being a Professional Guitarist, then sign up in one of the classes today and start with your journey with easy guitar lessons.

Publish Date: 12 Oct, 2019


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