Top five branded Acoustic Guitar (Updated-2019)

You admired some great acoustic guitars and are prepared to buy your own private instrument. You’ve read the reviews, been to your local music store and spent countless hours poring over product information only to realize that there are hundreds of brands to choose from and you don't know what's correct for you.

Well, you’re in luck because in this article I’m going to spell out for you which brands are the best on the market today & also will tell you the top five branded Acoustic guitar. You’ll still have your work cut out for you since the brands on this list are the best of the best. But this article should help take the guesswork out of your next big musical purchase.

1) "Martin & Co." :  

Martin produces classical guitars in numerous hit tunes. While they are best known for their $2,000 + top-of-line designs, for any budget, Martin also makes great guitars. Martin guitars always honor their tradition while pursuing a better instrument. If you want to see that theory in practice, attempt Martin's fresh 17 Series.

Martin is renowned for their dreadnoughts, and owning a Martin guitar will give you instant bragging rights. If you play folk or bluegrass music, many consider Martin guitars to be the best choice to get the classic sound that you need for these styles.

One of the characteristic qualities of any Martin guitar is the voice, that unmistakable Martin sound that few other manufacturers can achieve. The warmth in tone and sensitive dynamics are also second to none. And with 180 years in the guitar making business, you can count on Martin knowing how to make a great guitar!

2) Gibson: 

Gibson started out making classic mandolins over 100 years ago before expanding to acoustic guitars and their iconic electrics including the Les Paul, SG and Flying V. Given this rich history, you know that you can expect the best in quality construction with a Gibson acoustic guitar.

Gibson currently operates a state-of-the-art facility out of “Gibson, USA” located in Nashville and specifically built for manufacturing guitars. This specialized facility means that Gibson can not only quickly repair your acoustic guitar, but they also offer restoration services for your classic models.

Gibson makes many classic acoustic guitar models. Their lower-end instruments can be hit or miss, but their high-end guitars can compete with and even outclass the best from Martin or Taylor.

3) Taylor:

For centuries, Bob Taylor and the firm that bears his name have made acoustic guitars known for their playability and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. Like Martin, Taylor is best known in the $2,000 + range for their high-end guitars, but they also have lower-priced guitars in a fantastic lineup.

The action on all Taylor guitars is superb, and it should be since they pride themselves on their necks and fretboard construction. Taylors typically have ebony fretboards and super slim necks, which make for fast and easy playing. There’s nothing out there more comfortable than Taylor's neck.
Taylor guitars also feature top-notch proprietary electronics, so you should see a Taylor at the top of any list of best acoustic-electric guitars.
Taylor is known for quality, but it’s the extras that set them apart. Their customer service is top-rated, and Taylor is also committed to using only sustainably sourced tonewood across all areas of their guitars.

4) Epiphone
As a company, when the hit song lyrics feature your brand by name, you know you have to be on the right track. Innovation has always held this guitar maker on the list of top acoustic guitar brands in the company for almost 150 years. Vintage models are coveted, and the classic name and reputation live up to new designs. And you know these beauties are built to last with a lifetime guarantee.

Epiphone prides themselves on being an innovation leader, and they are never afraid to take risks in pursuit of excellence. Are you looking to splurge? Check out Epiphone’s limited-edition exclusives at major online and in-store music retailers.

Also, Epiphone is now owned by Gibson, and they are able to use Gibson’s designs and specs to make lower-priced versions of high-end Gibson guitars. Don’t want to spend thousands on that Gibson J200? Well, you can pick up Epiphone’s EJ200 for a fraction of the price.

5) Fender:

Fender is widely known for its iconic Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars, but they also happen to be a go-to brand for acoustic guitars. Owning a Fender is more than just purchasing your new favorite instrument, it’s joining a community of Fender owners and lovers.

Choose a well-known musician and they have a Fender guitar in their possession. And as they are one of the largest names in music, you can count on Fender to provide your latest musical family member with a broad range of accessories. With their Stratacoustic model, Fender even produces an acoustic version of their Stratocaster.


Hopefully, I’ve given you a great starting place for your next Buy acoustic guitar. The great thing about our “best of” list is that you can’t go wrong with any of the brands we’ve highlighted. Each of these good acoustic guitar brands will provide you with a quality instrument that will last for years and produce gorgeous music.

Can’t decide between these brands? Well, then why choose? Experiment with each of the above reliable manufacturers for their unique tone and playability qualities. After all, acoustic guitars are like potato chips; you can’t have just one!

Publish Date: 04 Sep, 2019


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