How to Play Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson

Dig your feet under the hot Hawaiian sand, because today we're learning how to play Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson on the guitar!

It's such a chill song. Drop the shoulders, pick up the acoustic guitar, and kick back and relax.

Bubble Toes by Jack Johnson

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Isn't it so cool how Jack always thought he was going to fill in lyrics later, but it just sounded good so he kept it? He explains this in the beginning of this video:

By the end of this guitar lesson, you will have everything you need to play Bubble Toes. Open and barre chords are explained thoroughly, as well as the intro of the song. There's also a little mini solo in there as well.

What's inside

Hi-Res video
See exactly what's going on with high res video. This ain't no 240p ;)

Split Screen
Maybe the chords are tough. Or perhaps the strumming pattern is a challenge. But what if it's the combination of both? Learn 2x as fast with split screen.

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The most accurate guitar pro TAB file we could find is included.

A new twist on the song... You'll just have to find out what this is!

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