How to Play Come As You Are by Nirvana

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For the rest of the track, we are using power chords, which are super fun and easy to play. Here are the chords in the rest of the track. Notice that Franco plays the powerchords with his first and fourth finger, but you can do 3rd finger instead of fourth if you prefer!


the rhythm pattern loops on 2 bars, as you can see below. That means you are doing thre first pattern on one chord, and the second pattern for the next chord. Here are those rhythm patterns.

This video guitar lesson teaches you how to play Come As You Are by Nirvana. What a song! Kurt Cobain's main riff is perfect for beginners but you have the possibility to make it a lot more challenging in the verse by combining two different guitar parts.

Fallow: THE SOLO

The solo is straightforward, repeating the song's primary melody. The solo is all based in the key of F # minor around the pentatonic form 2 so if you understand your pentatonic forms, attempt visualizing that as you go through it. Guitar lesson Lounge can't display the tab, but that scale is here.

The whole song is taught including the solo which you can play as a beginner as well :) You can really go crazy with electric guitar effects and tone. The guitar TAB is included too. Enjoy the lesson!

Come As You Are Guitar Tab

By the end of this guitar tutorial, you will have everything you need to play Come As You Are. Open chords are explained thoroughly, as well as the intro of the song.

What's inside

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Split Screen
Maybe the chords are tough. Or perhaps the strumming pattern is a challenge. But what if it's the combination of both? Learn 2x as fast with split screen.

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The most accurate guitar pro TAB file we could find is included.

A new twist on the song... You'll just have to find out what this is!

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