How to Play Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao

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This video guitar tutorial teaches how to play Me Gustas Tu by Manu Chao on the acoustic guitar. This is such an awesome song. It just radiates love and energy doesn't it? Two unique ways of playing this song on the acoustic guitar are taught.

It's a perfect song to practice your off beat reggae rhythm as well as the combination of the thumb plucking the bass while your other fingers pluck the chord. Everything is really slowed down so you can really get a feel of what's going on. Plus, the PDF document complements the video to provide notes and guitar chord charts. Overall it's really fun and worth learning! Enjoy the guitar lesson!

Notes for Me Gustas Tu

By the end of this guitar tutorial, you will have everything you need to play Me Gustas Tu. Open chords are explained thoroughly, as well as the intro of the song.

What's inside

Hi-Res video
See exactly what's going on with high res video. This ain't no 240p ;)

Split Screen
Maybe the chords are tough. Or perhaps the strumming pattern is a challenge. But what if it's the combination of both? Learn 2x as fast with split screen.

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Accompanying PDF
Print out the accompanying PDF and glance over at the chord charts as well as the difficulty areas.

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