How to Buy A Guitar

Learn Everything You'll Need To Know Before You Buy That Precious First Guitar!

Your first guitar is going to be something you remember forever. Make sure you're getting the best guitar you can by reading what you'll NEED to know before you actually buy one.

where to buy a guitar

Where to Buy a Guitar

Sometimes it's not a questions of WHAT but WHERE. When you go to buy your first guitar, wouldn't you want to know the best place to look? Check out our article on where to look for that first guitar you buy...

electric guitar vs acoustic guitar

Electric Guitars vs Acoustic Guitars

You're going to have to pick between them, which will you choose? We'll tell you how to make this tough decision in our article on electric guitars vs acoustic guitars...

learn to play guitar for beginners

Guitar Playability

How your guitar plays will always be more important than what it is playing. Read our article and find out what playability means and how you can make sure your guitar has it...

guitar tutorial

Guitar Tone

Tone may be the most important part of your guitar's sound. You don't want to settle for bad tone, or else your notes might never sound right. Read this article on how to find a guitar with great tone and enjoy the richness forever...

how to buy a guitar

What to Check Before Buying a Guitar

Don't be a fool. You want to make sure you know what needs to be checked before you buy. Read our article on the things to check before you buy a guitar and make sure you don't get ripped off at the store...

Video Guitar Tips

Barre Chords

Alternate picking is essential to practice early! More info on String Ninja...

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