Things To Check Before Buying

Don't Purchase Blind - Here's What You'll Want To Know Before You Buy

What's less rock n' roll than checklists?

Answer: Not much.

Well, there could be a few things. Knitting? Ehhh, maybe. Making your bed? Perhaps. Organizing your closet to the colors of the rainbow?

Yes. Maybe that. That's less rock n' roll than checklists.

Checklists, however, find their way into rock n' roll when you least expect it. Before you go on tour. Before you start to play. Before you buy your instruments.

All may need checklists. Let's talk instruments. Let's talk guitar checklists.

The Soon-To-Be-Crossed Outs And Why You'll Need Them

No-one likes to-do lists. Well some people do. But most guitar players don't.

They're too organized. Too demanding. Not enough smash your guitar in to your amp and break everything in your hotel room. Right?

But let's be serious. You're no rockstar yet. But you're trying to get there - and if you want to get there fast you'll check out StringNinja, our day-by-day instruction program to get you rocking out the right way!

If you're not ready to go there - a checklist will be good.

You're going to buy a guitar. Maybe your first guitar. Maybe your second or third. Either way, the guy selling your guitar knows more than you do. You'll want to be prepared. You don't want to be taken advantage of - that may be the least rock n' roll you can get.

You'll want a list. Either in your head or on paper. Maybe on your arm. Or your shoe - like your cheating on your chem exam. Do what ya gotta do.

What's a List To Consist Of: The 3 Places To Start

Here's the deal: each guitar is going to be different. Each guitar - down to make and model - has its weaknesses. You'll want to do your research to find these out.

But there are a few universal truths with guitars. And these are the things you'll want to check up on before you buy.

So here's what's up:

Check the fretboard.

Every guitar's got one. Are the frets lined up? Are any damaged? If so, test those out first.

Check the Action

What's the "action", you ask. Action is the space between the fretboard and the strings. You'll want this to be as comfortable as possible. The better your action, the better your "playability" - but that's a whole different article.

Check the pick-ups.

Pick-ups are the plaques behind the strings where you strum. They pick up the sound and translate it out. You'll need these in tact if you're going to rock. The dirty secret? If you're buying used, the seller may have stripped out nicer pick-ups and thrown on crappy ones. Make sure you check these out.

Don't Go To The Duel Without A Pistol

These three are universal, you'll need to check them on every guitar you look at it (pick-ups for electric guitars, anyway).

But there's more. There's always more.

You'll want your checklists handy for shopping - even if you just plan on "looking around".

Think of it like this; you want to get a good deal. The store wants you to pay too much. It's a duel over that new guitar you want.

Don't go to the duel without a pistol. Bring your checklist. Know your stuff.

And we're here to help. All the tips you'll need to know, with all the things you'll want to check before buying - we've got them.

Check out the eBook and study up. It's the sharpest shooting pistol in town, we guarantee it.

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