At Guitar Lesson Lounge we work hard to provide a safe and securitized experience for all users of our website. We take full responsibility for the personal information provided to us by our valued customers. None of our members will ever ask you for information on special categories of personal data (such as race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, etc.) and thus, customers must refrain from providing such information to anyone claiming to be a member of Guitar Lesson Lounge. This privacy policy discusses data collected, uses of data collected, and customers’ legal rights to data collected by Guitar Lesson Lounge and the retailer of our products, ClickBank.


Data Collected by ClickBank:


ClickBank, also known as Click Sales Inc. is the official retailer of all products and services sold by Guitar Lesson Lounge on the ClickBank platform. As such, ClickBank is the controller of all financial data requested at the time of purchase.


In order to initiate or complete a purchase, ClickBank requires the following from all customers:


  • Identity Data, such as first name, last name, and date of birth.
  • Contact Data, such as billing/delivery address, email address, and contact details.
  • Financial Data, such as bank account details or debit/credit card details



Additional data that may be collected:


  • Marketing and Communications Data which shows your interest in products and services offered by ClickBank.
  • Previous Transaction Data.
  • Demographic Data.


For more information regarding ClickBank’s “Customer Privacy Policy”, please visit:


Data collected by Guitar Lesson Lounge:


  • Identity Data, such as first name and  last name
  • Contact Data, such as email address.
  • Marketing and Communications Data which shows your interest in our products or services.
  • Browsing Data related to


As a valued customer we never share, sell, or lease data collected by us voluntarily to any third party. In the case you want us to share your details to a third party a written agreement must be made and signed by both Guitar Lesson Lounge and requesting customer. However, when required by a law-abiding institution, we may be bound to provide your personal information irrespective of your permission. These include IT and system administration service providers, professional advisers, HM Revenue & Customs, and other Government-authorities.

Use of Data Collected


We use the data collected to communicate with our customers and provide an enjoyable experience. We communicate to our customers via email (educational information, marketing/promotional deals, and changes in policy and regulation). If you want to opt-out of receiving communications from us, please send a request to


Your Legal Rights


As our valued customer, you have the right to:


  • Request a copy of your personal data.
  • Request Modification or Correction of Incomplete Data.
  • Request permanent deletion of your Personal Data.
  • Request transfer of data to a third-party after a successfully written agreement.


Please direct any questions, including any request to exercise your legal rights, to Our team will do its best to reply to queries, requests, or complaints within 2-3 business days. In the case a request takes longer than 2-3 business days, we will keep you notified and updated on our progress regularly.


For information regarding your legal rights with ClickBank, please refer to “Customer Privacy Policy”,