The true story of how a newbie packed 2 years of guitar knowledge into 2 weeks.

Another Youtube tutorial ... *Click* ... Buffering ...

Guitar just sits comfortably in my lap... A few minutes later I attempt to mimic the dude in the video, but what comes out of my amp sounds more like a robot farting in a tin can.

*Open new browser window*

Man ... I'm just not improving, am I already too old for this?!

I mean, have you seen some of those kids playing guitar on youtube?

It's almost embarrassing to be a beginner ... I feel like just don't have time, and I just don't seem to be making ANY progress.

And everytime I feel like I can play something decently, and I play for somebody, that girl with that cute smile for instance, I always screw up. I don't know how other guitarists get it right what seems like every singe time.

Sound somewhat familiar? Well that was me a few years ago...

There was nothing more I wanted then to play my favorite songs. Nothing more than to see the look on my friend's faces at that party when I would whip out a masterful solo.

And I just couldn't seem to get there. I spent months, no, years, struggling. But let me tell you. If this is you, don't freak out, I've got your back!

After YEARS of part procrastinating, part practicing, I discovered a TON of ways to quickly leave that uncomfortable place of being a total guitar noob to instead enter the world of guitar mastery.

Let me give you a few tips.


Buy a guitar stand. Seriously. It's probably $10 bucks on Amazon. Leave your guitar out. That way, when you have 5 minutes (while you're waiting for that drummer to show up... Drummers are always friggin' late), pick up your guitar and practice something USEFUL. (You know, not that riff that you always play the minute you touch a guitar lol.)


Set a goal and use a timer to practice. I like this one:

You'll see that we took this to the next level with StringNinja. Each day has it's own little webapp. Here's the one for Day 4 for example:

Exercise time
Warm up 01:00 minutes
Chromatic 2 02:00 minutes
Pentatonic 1 02:00 minutes
Pentatonic 2 02:00 minutes
Sunshine of your love 1 05:00 minutes
Satisfaction 03:00 minutes
Chords: E 03:00 minutes
Chords: D 03:00 minutes
Chords A 03:00 minutes
Chord Changes: E to D 05:00 minutes

You see, that's 30 minutes of practice. Day 4 is one of the more intensive days. But if you time yourself with the webapp, and follow the plan, you can't go wrong.


Keep good technique. Here's a clip from StringNinja DAY 1. (Also, check out our ultimate guitar technique guide if you haven't already.)

I've turned all of these difficult years into a course that I called String Ninja. (Because ninja's are badass, no other real reason really...) I got the input of about a dozen of the very best guitarists I knew. Together, we designed the ultimate beginner course. A course where even if you screw up, you still turn out an amazingly skilled guitarist.

String Ninja doesn't just show you what you need to practice. "So this is important, and here's how to do this blablabla." Sure some of that stuff is important, but it's the DOING we're interested in.

String Ninja shows you what to practice, 2 minutes of this, 1 minute of that and we guide you through it.

This is as close as we can get to holding your hand and guiding your through practicing the right things day after day.

When you practice (aka actually TAKE ACTION) the right things consistently, it's amazing how fast you can progress. You have no idea. People will start to ask you how many YEARS you've been playing. They won't believe that it's only been a few weeks. They'll say you have NATURAL TALENT.

On the flip side, keep noodling around for hours... well that won't get you very far, especially as a beginner.

You see, StringNinja is the answer to learning guitar online's biggest problem: information overload. There's just so much stuff out there! Where do you even start?! And not only is the stuff often not great, it's definitely not STRUCTURED.

Structure is the base of all learning. You learn to crawl, then walk, then run...

This course builds levels upon levels, to push you to the next level in your guitar playing ASAP. We are big believers in dispensed learning.

You're usually either presented with multiple 100+ page PDFs ... or worse still, 30+ hours of video footage and 20+ hours of audio interviews. OMG WTF!

The responsibility to consume (and understand) the information is put solely on your shoulders. Now let's be honest ... that's hardly ideal.

You get overwhelmed ... quickly!

The result ... little, if any, consumption ... and zero action.

This all translates into little results for the customer (you)!

String Ninja is a 2-week training program. But it's like nothing else out there. The training is delivered using an industry first bleeding-edge teaching methodology called Dispensed Learning.

With DL... your brain only gets one chunk of actionable content to digest at a time.

One chunk of content that you will fully understand before you move on the next chunk. This way - by the end of the training - you would have fully digested and consumed (+practiced) EVERY part of the course. Not just the bits your distracted brain decides to look at.

See the difference?

With SN, you need 15-30 minutes a day, tops, practicing the things that matter, and you're making progress faster than 95% of beginner guitarists out there.

Welcome to the fast track.

Not to mention the gorgeous HD high res video and audio quality that you won't find elsewhere. And us, your humble team at GLL HQ doing crazy stuff at times:

No, kidding aside... StringNinja focuses on learning techniques and developing skills with examples taken from songs. StringNinja uses songs as a VEHICLE for learning guitar. As a matter of fact you'll be learning 4 complete AWESOME songs in just 14 days!

I gave StringNinja to a few people that had told me that they wanted to learn guitar. StringNinja wasn't even done yet at the time. It was an early test but I was curious... Would it work?

The results were THROUGH THE FREAKIN' ROOF. Every single one of them had substantially improved. They were true beginnings of rockstars.

They no longer believed that "Guitar is sooooooo hard" or "you need to learn all this boring stuff first" or "You need expensive teachers". No, they were having too much fun rockin' out.

Here's what a few of them had to say about the course:

"It's crazy how much I was wasting my time before... I'm still no pro but all my friends think I have natural talent. StringNinja kicks butt! 5 stars."

- Dave, London UK

So how much is String Ninja?

We put a ton of work into StringNinja and we 100% believe it's the best guitar course for beginners out there. We just came out of our private beta (over 200 testers) and the very lowest score we got from our testers was a 7/10 (the large majority were 9s or 10s).

The only thing better than StringNinja is a great guitar teacher. Nothing can replace that. But in 2 sessions or so, the time you start to get going, you would have spent the same as StringNinja - $47.

We wanted to make StringNinja affordable. But it's not for everybody. String Ninja is designed to deliver results on your hard-earned investment ... period. (Either way... Cheaper than Guitar Hero... just sayin'!)

Please pay close attention here! You are not just getting information. You will actually have a rock solid guitar foundation for life (if you stick to it).

To put it in perspective ... Lets fast forward 14 days from now.

You will be able to play all of the common chords, including much harder barre chords, and changing between them.

You'll be able to play Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, Where is my Mind by the Pixies, Save Tonight by Eagle Eye Cherry, and the riff of Sunshine of your love.

You'll play in time, you'll practice efficiently.

You'll be having a TON of fun.

14 days.

You'll learn exactly how to do all of this with this advanced 2-week training program.

You should have a pretty good idea what SN is now... and if it's for you.

So you ready to kickstart your guitar learning, to get out of that frustrating spot of small progress and start dropping some jaws?

Your move now.

String Ninja

String Ninja Guitar Lessons

Order with confidence on 100% secure servers.

PS. To make this REALLY a no brainer, I'm going to take all the risk away. If you're not completely satisfied with String Ninja, shoot me an email and I'll refund you immediately. There's no time limit on this, even if it's 2 years down the road. None of that 30 day or 60 day stuff. No risk.

PPS. Please don't go back to watching more Youtube videos and surfing more tab sites. Lets get you a rock solid guitar foundation FIRST. Then you're free, have the time of your life on tab sites! We'll even give you a little extra bonus to really take advantage of tab sites. Give it a try ;)