Teach Yourself Guitar

How You Can Learn Guitar All By Yourself - With Just A Little Bit Of Our Help

It's going to be hard enough learning on your own. Before you start, check out these articles on what you'll want to do, what you'll want to avoid, and how you can succeed in teaching yourself guitar.

teach yourself to play guitar

How to Read Guitar TAB

They're the biggest shortcut in all of guitar, not to mention the easiest way to learn a song. You should know how to read tabs as soon as possible to help with your practice. We'll teach you a quick way to learn in our How to Read Tabs article...

how to read guitar tabs

Guitar TAB - The Dark Side

Almost no one tells about the dark side of tabs. But you'll need to know what you're missing out on by only using tabs. Read our article and we'll EXPOSE the dark side and tell you how to combat its evil forces...

how to practice guitar

How to Practice Guitar

To be a great guitarist, you'll need to practice. Unfortunately, many beginning guitarists don't know just HOW to practice. Here's our article on what you'll need to know for your practice sessions. It'll get you rockin' in no time!

how to play guitar

Your 3 Minute Pre Practice Ritual

Practice may be key, but habit is effective too. To be a great practicer, you'll want a ritual to help you prepare. We'll show you some steps to establish a good pre-practice ritual for yourself...

best way to learn guitar

Little Things No One Tells You About Guitar

There are a million secrets in guitar playing. Some of these are things that no one wants to tell you about. Except us. Here's our article on the little things that no one else is going to teach you...

Video Guitar Tips

Barre Chords

Alternate picking is essential to practice early! More info on String Ninja...

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